Here’s What Scott’s Clients are Saying About Him….



“Thank you for fixing, clearing out, painting, carpeting and everything else you did to achieve top dollar for my home!  I will recommend you to anyone needing real estate services. Your service without additional cost exceeded expectations.”  Mr. Chiu


“We had (the home) listed with a different company before Century 21, and were very unhappy… I met Scott on a personal basis and realized that he was a very hard worker… I asked my husband if we could talk to Scott. Scott worked very hard to sell our home. He contacted us weekly. He did an excellent job! He did everything!”  The McGills


“The best thing about Scott is that he listens; he’s not too pushy like other sales people we’ve worked with before. My husband and I were glad that he was our salesperson.”  The Yangs


“Scott, thank you for everything.”  Ms. Dang


“Scott was quite helpful in allowing me to obtain the best value for my dollar as well as expediting my transaction. Overall, I was quite pleased with my dealings with Scott.”  The Gambels


“Scott turned (our) problem into an opportunity to shine for us.”  The Taylors


“We appreciated all the information gathered regarding other houses sold in our tract. Scott helped smooth out some possible problems in the closing of the sale of our home. His calm attitude was very reassuring.”  The Martins


“Thanks Scott, for being so patient, your quick smile and easy manner made some moments with my renters go easy. The ground work on the neighborhood prices was a great help.”  The Millers


“Your interest about the job, enthusiasm, energy, and following the matter up. You had an objective, and realistic point of view on the location of the property as well as the condition of the house. You knew exactly where to look for what I was asking for. You saved my time reaching my goal. Most of all, you were truthful.”  The Golestanis


“I strongly support your job knowledge and the procedure you attain to finalize the transaction. There was no delay in decision making; you were on top of all problems.”  The Stebbins


“Scott was always professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. He patiently walked me through each step of my first home purchase without making me feel stupid! He followed up with phone calls promptly whenever I had a question.”  Mr. Nelson


“You created a relaxed environment. No pressure! I like that. Scott is a dedicated professional who will go out of his way to make the whole process easy and stress free.”  Mr. Dowden


“Very professional and honest. (Which is rare these days!) Not only do I consider Scott to be my agent, I also consider him to be my friend. It was a pleasure having him work as hard as he did for us. Thank you!”  The Abrahams


“Great job of putting the deal together. Helped with the financing. Basically did everything for except sign my name.”  Mr. Murphy


“I appreciate being kept informed and your quick response to any questions.”  The Wises


“It was awesome, Scott – you did a great job to find the perfect place for me. Location, community, and all the amenities are A+. Scott is a great communicator and worked late to make sure I was informed as to daily events. He worked hard and didn’t give up until he found my ‘home’.”  Ms. Warner


“To All Home Sellers!

If you want your house sold for the best price and in record time, then you need Scott Tracy as your Realtor!

Not only did we sell quickly – 3 weeks – we got top dollar! In spite numerous physical challenges, Scott still communicated promptly on things we needed to know. He is superb at marketing! He has a lot of experience and knows exactly what to do and when to do it. His timing is perfect. He handles many issues that come up without having to bother you with them. He understands how stressful selling a house and moving can be. I can’t thank him [enough].


Even when we did something he advised against, he cleared it up! Never question his advice! He walks you through each step of the process easily. We feel so fortunate to have him as our Realtor and would highly recommend him. If you are thinking of selling your house, he is the best in Orange County! Thank you Scott Tracy for everything! You are an Olympian among Realtors!”  The Barretts


“I wanted to thank you again for all your time and effort in making this purchase happen for me. It’s still hard to believe… I will definitely recommend you.”  Ms. King


“Scott is a very personable and professional agent. He is knowledgeable of market trends. He follows through and keeps you abreast of what is going on…Answers pages promptly. Good job Scott!! Thanks.”  The Pikes


“Scott’s handling of this sale was very professional. He went out of his way to ensure that all details were addressed and kept us apprised of everything as it happened. A star performer!!”  The Harts


“I liked how you explained all the details to us and kept us informed about the progress of the closing. Scott Tracy is a fine real estate professional. He listed our home and it sold in seven days. He cared and showed interest in what was going on at all times. He protected our interests. I would recommend him with enthusiasm to anyone.”  The Coles


“Scott is a great person to be around. [He] is like part of the family when trying to sell your home.”  The Harris’


“You were very patient with me. You didn’t let me go to a lower sale price. You made me stick to what you knew would be a profitable price…. Scott is patient and thorough. He is available at all times. He works with you to be sure he can get the very best either selling or buying.” Ms. Gentle


“Scott, you were courteous, friendly and punctual. You helped us when we were feeling lost and it turned our sale into a breeze…. Scott is very upfront and honest. He gets the job done and ensures a smooth transaction.”  The Buckerts


“Having sold two homes in the past with other Realtors this was by far the least difficult due in most part to Scott’s efforts. We were impressed with his ability to inform the public that our home was available. Scott was extremely polite, honest, respectful and friendly in our transaction.”  The Youngs


“Scott is determined to ensure his clients receive the utmost in value and is concerned about us after we moved into our new home.”   The Gambels


“You were always available, worked lots of overtime [and] kept me well informed.”   Corporal Murphy


“Scott was always friendly, thoughtful and willing to [do] a little more than was required. He returned my calls and answered my questions. I found him to be HONEST and sincere in all his dealings.”  The Thomas’


 "I just wanted to take a few minutes to say THANK YOU!!!

 Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for everything you have done for me in the sale of my home.  You have gone above and beyond the call of duty.You arranged for me to have repairs done to my home so it would bring a higher selling price without any money out of my pocket. 

 I would highly recommend you to anyone that was thinking about selling or buying a home.  They could not ask for a better person to represent them."

 Mrs. Gardner